We have helped over 200 schools over the last 15 years. Our tutors are in schools everyday, constantly developing and testing Cocoon’s resources. We work with teachers of all skills and confidence levels, so we are always aware of what works well and what makes a real impact.


Developing our Service

In order to provide the best support possible to over 200 schools over such a long period of time, we needed to constantly develop our support strategies. This is something we have continued to do successfully and that is why we continue to grow. Cocoon is the culmination of this effort – by moving our services online we are able to:

  • Reach a limitless number of schools
  • Support multiple teachers at the same time in your school
  • Reduce costs to schools while still offering the best support possible
  • Be available 24/7
  • Provide additional services, including Cocoon’s assessment and differentiation tools
  • Provide webinars and our Responsive Resource Library

All of this enables us to work with an even larger school community and therefore provide an even better service. We hope that you will join us and our ever-growing school community on this exciting journey.