3 for the price of 2 and a further 50% discount if your school is a Cocoon customer (or due to become one before the end of September 2019).



Cocoon EPV courses are run in accordance with the Department of Education and Skills criteria.  Courses begin on Monday, 1st July 2019 and finish on Friday, 23rd August 2019



€89 for all three courses (existing customers). Teachers in Cocoon schools will pay just €89 for all three courses.  Courses are €89 each as standard, and 3 for the price of 2 for teachers whose schools are not subscribed to Cocoon.



All courses are fully supported by experienced moderators, in-depth resources (that you can use in the classroom) and a discussion forum.  Courses last approximately 20 hours.  Our courses are proven to succeed with teachers with no experiene in digital learning technologies.  They were a key part of our pilot programme with Digital Schools of Distinction where Cocoon’s schools had a 95% success rate with the programme.

See grey box below (under the blue menu bar) for course options.


EPV Day Course Options

Choose a selection of courses below – 3 for the price of 2

Remember, if your school subscribes to Cocoon then you are entitled to a further 50% discount (half price for one course, or 3 for the price of 1).

Option 1: Animating for Fiction and Nonfiction

Learn how to animate with students of all ages with this fun, hands-on summer course.  Whether your students are learning about the water cycle or writing original narratives – use the power of animation to bring a little magic to your lessons and extend learning opportunities in a fun, engaging manner.


Option 2: Online Tools for Literacy, Numeracy, and SESE

 These wonderful, easy-to-use online tools will be sure to bring extra spark to your literacy, numeracy and SESE lessons.  Approach traditional learning objectives in innovative ways that engage learners, support behaviour management and help you achieve more in the classroom.


Option 3: Oral Language Development Through Technology

 Have fun with oral language development in your classroom.  With these easy-to-use tools, you can stay ahead of any and all changes to the curriculum while providing fun, engaging lessons for your pupils.  Achieve more with the curriculum goals by using tools that your students will already have a level of confidence with, and enthusiasm for.  Take the pressure off, turn the fun on.




EPV Days with Cocoon Make Life Easy!

Whether digital learning is a priority in your school or you are just looking to enjoy a summer course that will open your mind, without stressing you out, or emptying your pocket then Cocoon is for you.

Our courses are easy-going, fun, productive and with the right amount of challenge to keep you engaged – just like a good day teaching in the classroom!