Certified Teacher Training

Research has proven that taking ownership of your own CPD leads to greater progression. 

At Cocoon we are committed to helping you achieve more and spend less.  Host your own staff training with the same documents that we use to deliver teacher training – accessible on your dashboard.  We will provide presentation notes, sharable resources and anything else that helps us make an impact when we deliver teacher training.  Individual and whole-staff certification is available to teachers that successfully engage with our training programmes. 

With Cocoon, you can deliver your own teacher training and easily conduct whole-staff reviews to progress through skill levels over the course of the school year(s).  If Cocoon doesn’t have the training you are looking for then you can use our Responsive Resource Library to request specific training. 

Train on your own schedule, control your journey
Progress through skill levels and receive certification 


Teaching Resources

Everything your teachers need to excel with technology in the classroom

Your personalised plan will contain practical, proven-to-succeed lessons to support the DES' Digital Strategy for Schools; with easy-to-use, in-depth courses for coding, digital Literacy, IT and online safety. Your plan will be built purposefully for the devices that are available at your school - no more irrelevant lesson plans!

Assessment and Differentiation

Cocoon’s easy-to-use assessment and differentiation tools will help you achieve more, and reduce workload.

Assessment Tool

Record the progress of students at the click of a button through our simple colour coding system. Teachers can also add text notes for individual students on specific assessment criteria if they wish. For further ease-of-use, our assessment tool comes with pre-populated assessment criteria.

Each class’s assessment tool can be accessed by your school’s designated admin via the admin dashboard, enabling them to view progress of any and all classes at the push of a button. The assessment record can also be downloaded as a pdf.  Ideal for parent meetings and inspectors.

Differentiation Tool

Teachers can easily create whole class notes or notes for specific learning needs while viewing lessons in the teacher dashboard. When students open the relevant lesson in their own dashboard they will see the notes left by their teacher for that lesson.  

This simple tool enables the students to achieve more during lessons, and empowers the teacher to confidently support groups or individual students that they want to support.

Smart Development Plan

Cocoon’s levelling system supports differentiation and your school’s growth. With a progressive plan in place, schools should be aiming to have students at the upper end of primary school doing more advanced work in five years time than their current students are doing. 

Our research on other ICT resources for schools shows that they don’t account for the skills and confidence of staff and students – leaving significant gaps for teachers, particularly with older year groups. Our levelling system addresses these gaps and provides users with a clear, reassuring, development plan. The Smart Development Plan that Grows with Your School Cocoon suggests the difficulty levels in the first table below by default for your first year of support. Supporting Differentiation Teachers are free to browse other available difficulty levels from their dashboards – it all depends on the skills and confidence of individual teachers and class groups.

First year of support – 4 difficulty levels
     An additional difficulty level is added every year




Online Safety

Comprehensive online safety programme with clear progression map.

Our online safety programme has gathered the best free resources from around the world and structured them into easy-to-follow lessons for teachers, with six clear learning objectives per year group from Year 1 to Year 6. These defined learning objectives will enable your school to paint a clear picture for parents and the school community regarding the different areas of online safety that the students will cover in every year on their journey to graduating from your school as responsible, informed digital-citizens.

Constantly Growing Problem

Empowering Parents
Constantly Growing Problem

The world of online safety is constantly changing by its very nature, with new threats always emerging. With every new threat that emerges there will be a new resource that is essential for your school to be using. We will ensure that your lessons are constantly up to date with the latest resources and online threats – so you won’t need to spend your valuable time trawling through websites and threads wondering what’s the best resource, and for what year group.

Empowering Parents

Invite parents and school community in for an Online Safety awareness-raising talk. Keeping parents informed will help keep students safe, reduce issues in school such as cyberbullying and inappropriate content searches, as well as supporting home-school relations. Cocoon has a presentation and resource pack for you to share with parents.



Free Webinars

Live CPD sessions with topics chosen by the Cocoon community


Ask Questions Live

Engage with the Experts


Providing schools with a level of support unlike anything they have experienced previously is one of the driving forces behind Cocoon. Our free webinars are yet another tool we have designed to provide our members with more for less. Webinars are a fantastic way for you to engage with professional development, at no additional cost. You can ask questions live during the talk, and be a proactive member of the direction the session goes in. You can also access our webinar library as it continues to build to learn from previously discussed topics.

Our regular webinars will cover a breadth of topics on all things to do with the computing curriculum and learning with technology. Not just that, our webinar topics are chosen by you! We take suggestions from our schools community and then put the most popular suggestions up for a vote a week in advance of the next live webinar.

Teacher and Student Dashboards

Your teacher and student dashboards have been designed to make your digital journey easy, fun and effective

Teacher Dashboard

Your individual teacher accounts will provide immediate access to personalised plans for each teacher. The plans are presented as four simple visual options on the teacher dashboard. They have been created personally for each teacher from our library of over 1,000 resources. Our teacher-focussed dashboard design ensures teachers of all confidence levels can easily teach outstanding computing lessons. More advanced teachers can easily go beyond this simple structure to explore the full library.

Student Dashboard

During the lesson students can support their own learning with Cocoon’s student dashboard. They can access the presentation used by their teacher so they can go back through slides to refresh their memory; they can also view the demo videos and read teacher notes – thus freeing the teacher to focus on supporting specific students rather than being interrupted by avoidable questions.


Responsive Resource Library

Request resources, make it your Cocoon


Request Resources 

For individual lessons or whole-staff training

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with a level of service that is on another level to anything else available, we proudly base your support on a responsive resource library. So how does it work? Our Responsive Resource Library is unlike any other available support, nobody else builds resources in response to school requests.

So why do we do it? In order for us to continue to provide the best service possible for schools, we need to know what is going on in every classroom. Our Responsive Resource Library helps us to keep our finger on the pulse while simultaneously providing our schools with the resources they need – it’s a win-win!

Think you have what it takes to have your work published? We review schemes of work from teachers all the time, please get in touch to share your work.

Parents Evenings

Cocoon takes care of your whole-school community

As part of your proactive, staff-led training, why not host some parents evenings?  Start with the all important Online Safety training.  You can even upload our shareable pdf to your school website for easy sharing with parents to make sure they get even more from the training.

Not just that, as part of our Responsive Resource Library you can request specific parents evening resources to be created and uploaded.