Oral Language Development Pilot

In 2018, our pilot focussed on helping schools with the Digital Schools of Distinction award; participating schools had a 95% success rate with the award (see testimonials video and case study below).  Our 2019 pilot focusses on helping schools tackle oral language development with innovative technology-based methods.

The 2019 pilot commences on September 16th.


What will you receive?

You will receive a host of benefits to take the stress out of the 2019-20 school year, including:

  • 12 Weeks Free, unlimited access to our unique computing curriculum tool, our online tool:
    • Fully supports class teachers (with practical, proven-to-succees plans)
    • Includes a specific support programme for oral language development and the oral language curriculum
    • Supports the digital learning team and teachers with the delivery of Digital Learning Framework focussed lessons
    • See testimonials video and case study below to hear how this in the words of the schools themselves
  • Our brand new ‘easy management’ tool launches in September 2019 – just in time for this pilot
  • Full support from the Cocoon team and our partners throughout the pilot
  • Easy management tool for coordinators; interactive ‘Progress Hubs’ for teachers
  • Assessment and differentiation tools
  • Easy to share with inspectors, school community and BOM
  • Digital learning resources for Junior Infants up to 6th Class; including coding, digital literacy, online safety, IT and more
    • Over 500 lesson plans
    • Over 1000 resources (and a constantly growing library in direct response to our schools’ needs)
    • Demo videos, in-class presentations and more

All participating schools will receive a guaranteed 20% discount if they choose to subscribe after the pilot (no finance details will be required to join the pilot – no obligation to subscribe after the pilot).


Click here to see the case study from St Olaf’s Primary school in Dublin.