Further Information

Further Information for the Primary Language Curriculum and Digital Tools Programme.

Staff commitment
A member of the leadership team (either the ICT coordinator or the principal/ deputy principal) should attend the hands-on training event.  The resources shared with your school can be accessed by all staff.  
Time commitment
We recommend that all teachers aim to allocate one 40 minute session per week for six weeks, during which they will use digital learning tools mapped to the Primary Language Curriculum and Digital Learning Framework.  Teachers will have the option to work with the programme for the entire 12 weeks and can also opt to do more than one 40 minute session per week if they wish – the goal is to give all teachers a taster of how simple and powerful digital integration for the Primary Language Curriculum can be; rather than asking anyone to commit to a demanding programme of work.  
Local training
There is one local training event and it will last two hours.  We will poll participating schools in your local network in early November to see which time suits you best and the time will therefore be chosen democratically by the schools themselves. 
Resources at your school
We will share the resources with your school on November 4th with guidelines for getting started on November 11th.  Teachers can use a selection of resources at different times during the 12 weeks, or they can engage with the resources for the whole 12 weeks. 
Online support
Teachers will all have access to Cocoon’s online platform.  There will also be structured email support and webinars throughout the 12 weeks to support you.  All materials will be clearly identified and suggested structures provided. 
Expectations of school
The primary goal of this programme is to inspire teachers to use technology to access the Primary Language Curriculum in exciting ways that they and their students will enjoy.  We aren’t asking schools to submit any work, we hope that schools will share their experiences and their thoughts with us – but as at the school’s discretion. 
Raffles and prizes
There is a minimum engagement level required from schools to be included in the raffles.  You won’t need to do anything to prove your engagement, it is tracked digitally (no personal data is accessed or shared, we receive generic engagement statistics for individual schools – GDPR compliant).